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14 December 2018
Scottish budget: non-residential LBTT rate changes proposed.

7 November 2018
House prices "to fall" next year if no Brexit deal.

2 August 2018
Interest Rates, what the rise means for your mortgage, loans and investments.

17 July 2018
UK house price slump blamed on surge in sellers.

11 July 2018
Property registration delay in Scotland hits thousands.

19 February 2018
Reality gap for first-time buyers hits £10,000.

11 January 2018
2018 property market forecast.

11 December 2017
The over-70s who mortgage their homes to pay for care.

3 November 2017
Bank of England pushes up interest rates to 0.5%.

10 August 2017
Call for reform of new Scots property tax.

13 July 2017
Estate agents have lowest stock of homes for 40 years.

20 June 2017
UK wealth gap 'widening over past decade' says report.

2 May 2017
Mum and Dad funding a quarter of home purchases.

14 April 2017
Housing market is 'stagnant' with stock at record low, surveyors say.

6 March 2017
Why you should get a 10-year mortgage now.

7 February 2017
House prices show first fall for five months but long-term growth 'robust'.

16 January 2017
Rents rise at their slowest rate in seven years.

8 December 2016
Housing market constraints threaten economy, RICS warns.

2 November 2016
House prices at a standstill in October, says Nationwide.

11 October 2016
35% of landlords believe Brexit will harm their ability to attract tenants.

30 September 2016
Help to Buy housing scheme to close this year.

06 August 2016
UK house prices slide by most in 5 months after Brexit vote.

14 July 2016
Housing market suffers slump post Brexit vote.

01 July 2016
New Scottish property tax raises more than expected.

01 June 2016
Mortgage Approvals Hit 11-Month Low in April.

14 March 2016
Proposed Basel changes could distort UK mortgage market.

3 March 2016
House price growth 'hits 10 month high'.

13 February 2016
Number of Scottish house movers rises, but at slower rate.

05 February 2016
Mortgage Approvals slow to seven-month low, as house price growth levels off

28 October 2015
Personal insolvency numbers rise sharply

05 October 2015
Construction confidence in Scotland falls back

25 August 2015
Bank of Scotland tops mortgage complaints list

06 August 2015
House prices dip in July but the 'warning light is still flashing'

14 July 2015
Homeowners on alert as Bank of England's Mark Carney warns a rise in interest rates is 'moving closer'

9 June 2015
10-year report reveals Scotland’s property price ‘highs and lows’

20 May 2015
Retirees frozen out of best mortgage and bank deals

19 April 2015
How Santander's affordability tests are forcing rates rises - and arrears

27 March 2015
Bank of Scotland: City homes less affordable

25 February 2015
'Equity release' mortgage costs fall

21 January 2015
New Scottish property tax rates cut

6 January 2015
Millions Worried About Housing Costs

24 November 2014
Over 40s being 'frozen out' of home loans

30 October 2014
Property prices lose 'momentum’ after summer of records

15 September 2014
Two thirds of first time buyers rely on bank of mum and dad

01 September 2014
UK mortgage approvals fall as people endure three-hour interviews with their bank

14 August 2014
Mortgage lenders say 'prepare for a rate rise'

16 July 2014
Borrowers warned over 30-year mortgages

19 June 2014
Home Loan 'Slowdown' As New Rules Take Effect

21 May 2014
The papers: Politics, property prices and Miliband's groceries

25 April 2014
New mortgage rules and you

05 April 2014
Could now be the worst possible time to buy to let?

13 March 2014
Housing market slowed in Scotland, Rics survey suggests

02 March 2014
Mortgage drought could 'kill housing recovery stone-dead' next month

09 February 2014
Rates start to rise on fixed five-year mortgages

22 January 2014
The props for record low home loans are being removed, so should you fix now? What next for mortgage rates?

06 January 2014
Investors 'could be more reticent' on UK debt

27 November 2013
Nine million in 'serious' debt across the UK

22 November 2013
Right to buy scheme set to end in Scotland

22 November 2013
Eurozone gloom overshadows UK recovery

05 November 2013
Scottish housing policy set for review

15 october 2013
Stimulus pushes mortgage rates to new lows

27 September 2013
North-South divide in house prices, says Nationwide

29 August 2013
'Unsubstantiated' mortgage mis-selling advert pulled

01 August 2013
Mortgage and property news

30 July 2013
Thousands in their 50s fear losing homes, says Age UK

04 July 2013
Scots rural households face living standards fight

26 June 2013
Bank of England warns on risk from interest rate rises

04 June 2013
Luxury Edinburgh home sales slashed by nearly 20%

06 June 2013
Fresh warning on bedroom tax

13 May 2013
Shortfall fears for interest-only mortgage holders

13 March 2013
Scottish homebuyers 'thin on the ground'

04 March 2013
Sellers at top end of the market still being unrealistic

11 February 2013
Property firm says homes are being priced 'unrealistically'

07 January 2013
House prices to remain flat in 2013

04 January 2013
More than a million behind with their mortgage payments

27 December 2012
House prices fall in a number of Scots towns

19 December 2012
House prices down but sales are up

10 December 2012
House prices across the Lothians continue to fall by an average of 6%

06 November 2012
Poor state of economy blamed for house price drop

17 October 2012
Property prices show sharpest fall in three years

14 August 2012
Sellers told to be "realistic" about home's value

12 July 2012
House prices won't recover until 2024

10 July 2012
House Sales in Scotland "Flat" - report.

31 May 2012
Ten per cent rise in house sales, thanks to Stamp Duty 'holiday

03 May 2012
Further signs of recovery in the housing market as number of home loans rises

02 May 2012
Sharp Spring rise noted in Scots house prices

25 April 2012
Many Scots believe house prices will rise in the next 12 months

18 April 2012
Scots house prices rise in February

11 April 2012
House sellers dropping asking price below Home Report valuation

7 April 2012
Soaring cost of running your home in 2012

14 March 2012
Scots house prices continue to slide

6 March 2012
UK house prices fell by 0.5% in February, Halifax says

4 March 2012
Halifax standard variable rate to increase to 3.99%

23 February 2012
House Prices Fall 10 Per Cent in Scotland's largest cities:
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08 February 2012
Home owners drop selling price in tough market
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28 January 2012
Recession tips odds in favour of home buyers over renters.
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28 January 2012
Be a Buyer in Homes Market, Say Scots
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10 January 2012
Surveyors expect house prices to fall
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04 January 2012
Financial Times predicts a "gloomy" 2012 for house sales.
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31 December 2011
Winners and losers in Scotland's house price table
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14 December 2011
No Christmas Cheer as house prices fall at year end.
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29 November 2011
No house price rise likely in 2012, says leading building society.
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28 November 2011
Top property firm forecasts 11 per cent net loss in property values until 2016.
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08 November 2011
Experts say Scotland's housing market has gone to sleep for the winter:
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27 October 2011
More gloom predicted for the Scottish property market
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13 September 2011
Surveyors find Scotland's housing market "subdued"
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7 September 2011
Capital house prices continue to slide:
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22 August 2011
A near 4 per cent drop in house prices threatens to stall the economy Read article...

15 August 2011
House prices still ‘bumping along the bottom’
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10 August 2011
Ayrshire estate agents shuts six branches as house sales flatline.
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10 August 2011
Two thirds of homes sells for less than asking price
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09 August 2011
House prices slip lower as surveyors remain pessimistic
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18 July 2011
Rightmove report biggest July house price drop since 2008
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12 July 2011
Surveyors' body says demand for housing in Scotland has "dried up." Read article...

01 July 2011
Nationwide warns there is no sign of recovery in the housing market in 2011
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22 June 2011
Credit Crunch has "decimated" property values in Scotland, says the Scotsman.
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14 June 2011
Scottish surveyors "gloomy" over summer house sales.
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30 May 2011
Millions Trapped by Property Slump
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27 May 2011
House prices in Scotland slip back to 2007 levels
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17 May 2011
Homeowners' running costs soar
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10 May 2011
House prices take another dive and experts say there's no respite in 
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05 May 2011
Research institute forecasts that house prices will continue to fall for the next five years:
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12 April 2011
RICS say Scots putting up most houses for sale
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12 April 2011
Home owners warned mortgages could leap £1200 per year
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11 April 2011
Home owners warned to brace themselves for interest rates four times higher than they are now.
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8 April 2011
House sellers warned to seek "realistic" prices for their homes.
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7 April 2011
Halifax reveal fresh fears of house price falls in 2011
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1 April 2011
New fall in Scots house prices blamed on public sector cuts:
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11 March 2011
Council of Mortgage Lenders reveal huge slump in home loans.
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08 March 2011
Scotland's official chartered surveyors' group confirms slight rise in house activity in Scotland but warns that prices are on the slide.
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25 February 2011
Young couples struggle to get onto the mortgage ladder, the Herald reveals.  Prospective homeowners now need to find £27,000 deposit before they can get a mortgage.
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17 February 2011
Forecasts that "alarming" rise in family costs, including mortgages, will present Scots families with five more years of hardship.
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10 February 2011
BBC reports fears that home repossessions will rise in 2011.
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1 February 2011
Nationwide report a fall in house values in January as mortgage approvals hit record low.
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26 January 2011
Biggest cash squeeze on families since 1920s, warns Bank of England chief.

Mervyn King painted a picture of the nightmare facing millions of ­workers because of the toxic combination of soaring inflation and pay freezes or paltry pay rises.
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14 January 2011
Experts say interest rates likely to rise earlier than expected.
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10 January 2011
Property expert warns UK homes could lose quarter of their value in 2011
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4 January 2011
UK house prices fell for sixth month in a row in December, reports Bloomberg.
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1 January 2011
Surveyors’ body predicts house price fall of two per cent in 2011.
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1 January 2011
Property owners need to be “realistic” about home values, warn property experts.
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29 December 2010
North more likely than South to suffer from Britain’s new austerity measures (Telegraph).
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30 December 2010
Falls for Scots house prices but market may recover by the end of 2011 (Scotsman)
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