Sell your buy-to-let

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Sell your buy-to-let

Like many things at the start of the 21st Century, entering the buy-to-let market probably seemed a good idea at the time.

Tenants were in plentiful supply and there was always the comfort of knowing that your asset would increase in value year after year.

But irresponsible lending by banks led to enormous toxic mortgage debt and those who had fuelled the buy-to-let boom got caught up in the reckoning.

Many property owners are now left with one or more assets that they can't properly manage.  That flat or semi-detached which was due to increase in value annually may now be falling instead.

Tenants are increasingly defaulting on their rent payments.  Currently, one tenant in 10 is in arrears with their payments.

If all that sounds familiar, call Move Quick to see if we can offer you a realistic figure.  Our professional advisers will treat you fairly and efficiently and won’t waste your time.