How it works ?

How it Works?

There are many reasons why people need to Move Quick.  You could be divorcing, moving to a new job or simply seeking a fresh start somewhere else.

Move Quick prides itself on remembering that behind each property transaction lies a human story.  Here’s how it works:

THINK about how much you would be prepared to accept for your house. Remember, the Scottish property market has been struggling for some time and, in the view of our expert contacts, most homes in 2011 are worth less than they were in 2007. Move Quick will pay up to 85 cent of the property’s current market value.

COMPLETE our on-line application form on the ‘Free Quotation’ page.  There is no obligation involved and filling this out does not commit you to anything.  Your details will be kept confidential and will not be passed beyond our process team.

ALLOW us to have your home valued by an RICS property surveyor of your choosing.  They will compile a Survey Report, which we will pay for and which will form the basis for any transaction between us.  There are NO hidden fees and we will not ask you for a deposit.

TAKE independent legal advice on any offer we choose to make to you.  But if you do choose to accept our quote, we will provide you with a moving pack which will make a contribution towards your legal costs and removal fees.

SIT BACK and wait for your cheque to arrive.  Trust us to move as fast as is legally possible to complete the deal and have the funds in place without delay.  You deal with us direct so we are not dependent upon someone approving finance.


We inherited my father's property and had it on the market for two months, when I decided to look for a company like Move Quick Properties. 
Within four and a half weeks, the house sale was complete.  This took a lot of the pressure away from us, as it looked like there was no way of selling the property otherwise.



"We will move as fast as is legally possible to complete your house sale"

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