Recent Client Testimonials



“I was keen to upsize but could not afford the time I would need to entertain viewers.
I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of having people around. I keep pets, so it might not have been ideal having viewers visiting.
Barry came round and I was presented with a decent offer to sell it direct. The thing I liked was the only bill I faced was the lawyers’ fees – there was no estate agent to pay.
Barry kept to his word and everything went through as planned.
If anyone was thinking of selling their house this way, I’d tell them ‘Go For It!’
I would definitely recommend MQ.”

Kenny Brown, directly selling a two bedroom tenement flat in North Glasgow.

“I lost my wife five years ago. Later, I made contact with an ex-girlfriend from the 1950’s, who had been widowed, and we discovered the old flame was still burning.
She has a house in Leicestershire and we began splitting our time between her house and mine. Soon, the travel costs were getting ridiculous and we decided to sell my house in southern Scotland.
I had heard stories about companies which buy your house only to let you down later. I studied the MQ website and liked what I saw.
It was also important that I used a Scottish company, due to the differences in our legal system.
Barry came out to look at the house. I got on well with him right away. I liked his approach, his attitude and his honesty.
I actually received a higher offer from a company in England. But how could I be sure a firm 400 miles away would deliver?
By way of contrast, I was so impressed with Barry, and trusted him to deliver, I decided to accept the slightly lower one from MQ.
It was a really straightforward process. It’s a big thing, selling your house but everything went extremely smoothly.
I would highly recommend MQ. Everyone was straightforward, honest and the price I was offered was the price I got.”

Martin Hodder, selling a substantial three-bed detached bungalow in Minnigaff, Newton Stewart.

“We had agreed a sale for our property but were let down by the solicitor and the prospective buyer.
“We were running out of time. Our daughter is due to start primary school in the summer near the place we were hoping to buy.
“We couldn’t really afford to hang about.
“I did some research on the internet, looking at a number of house sale companies.
“Barry was very honest and did everything we asked of him.
“The sale was quite straightforward and pleasant enough.
“We pick up the keys to our new place tomorrow and are ready to move in. It’s quite exciting.
“I would recommend MQ to anyone.”

James Davidson, selling MQ his three-bed detached home in Chapelhall, Lanarkshire.

“We found ourselves in a tricky spot. In fact, it was a pretty desperate situation.
“We had a mortgage arranged to buy a guest house in Inverness. It was a good investment – we were basically getting a £600,000 guest house for £500,000.
“But at the last minute, the bank said we were too heavily-committed and we found it necessary to sell our house in Blairgowrie – and fast.
“MQ was the one company who said they could do it for us. The firm agreed to buy our property and it allowed us to get the bargain deal done in Inverness.
“Barry was excellent. Early on, I realised he was a man I could do business with. I would not have gone with MQ if I did not get the right vibes from him.
“We had very few options open to us but MQ did a very professional job.
“On the second day in our Inverness guest house, we had eight rooms booked and we haven’t looked back.
“Would I recommend MQ? Definitely.”

Fraser Mathieson, selling a detached four-bed villa in Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

“I hadn’t committed to definitely putting my house on the market. After all, it was just a few days before Christmas.
But I was so impressed with Barry when he came out to do a valuation, that I just decided to go for it there and then.
My daughter and I sparked up such good rapport with him, we were confident he was someone who knew what he was talking about. We felt sure he would do all he promised.
I wasn’t disappointed. The house went ‘live’ on MQ on December 20 and it went ‘under offer’ on January 24.
I had an awful lot of viewers. There were still people wanting to see the property just a few days before Christmas. Some days, I had four viewers back-to-back.
I am absolutely delighted with the way things worked out. I got the price I was looking for, which has allowed me to get my mortgage sorted for our new place.
Some night, I was panicking and sending texts to Barry at 10pm. He always got back to me right away, calming me down and saying things would be fine.
Of course I would recommend MQ a million per cent. My parents live in a house that’s too big for them. I’ve suggested they get MQ in to do a valuation.” ”

Mary Vaughan, selling a three-bed terraced house in Dundee.

“I had my fears about putting out house on the market just a month before Christmas.
It is traditionally the quietest time of the year for house sales and I was also worried our housebuilder was still building homes on our estate.
I worried that someone would prefer to buy a new house, rather than one – like ours – which is two years old.
But Barry came in and told me not to worry. He said my house was in good condition and that it would sell straight away.
He was right. The house was sold to the first viewer and everything was agreed with weeks to spare before December 25.
It meant we could confidently reserve a new home on an estate we like a few miles away at Newton Farm in South Lanarkshire.
MQ were brilliant. Barry filled me with confidence that the sale would happen – and it happened as quickly as we could wish for.
He knew we wanted a quick sale and that’s what we got.
We also got the Home Report value, which is fantastic. I would definitely recommend them.”

Charlene Stirling, selling a modern four-bed detached house in Glasgow’s Carntyne.

“I had never sold a house before – I was terrified!
I had seen the ‘MQ’ sign on a house for sale nearby, which I was interested in.
The company told me they could sell my property as well.
In the end, I decided to buy something else but MQ still said they were happy to put my place on the market.
I received a verbal offer for my place and put in a bid for the other property the very same day.
Everything’s worked out really well. I had enough to buy the other house, pay all my fees and still have a wee bit extra left over for myself.
If you take out the Christmas and New Year week, the house was only on the market for three weeks.
MQ told me to sit back and relax – and they would do all the work. And that’s how it worked out.
I got regular calls to let me know another viewer was coming. My house is full of boxes now because I’m ready to move into my new place – I can’t wait!
I have plenty of confidence in this company.”

Carol Wotherspoon, selling a three-bed apartment in a four-in-a-block building in Cowdenbeath, Fife.

“We had tenants living in the flat. We did not want to worry them, with having ‘For Sale’ boards outside and lots of viewers coming through.
“We had a look around for companies which said they were prepared to buy property directly.
“We are investors ourselves. We tried to do what Move Quick do about 10 years ago but we couldn’t make it work.
“After everything has gone through, I would be happy to recommend them. In this situation, it suited our needs to sell the flat without any hassle.
“Move Quick provided a perfectly good service; the final result was exactly as promised.
“It was an off-market sale with tenants in place and common works ongoing. We took the view ‘just lets get this done’.
“Move Quick did everything they were asked to do.”

Mike Harrower, directly selling a three-bed flat in Edinburgh’s Haymarket to Move Quick.

“We felt a bit under pressure because we had seen the house we wanted – but still had our own to sell.
The one we were looking at had been on offer to someone but came back on the market after the deal fell through.
We knew we would have to act fast. We could not face a procession of viewers coming through our house so we thought we would contact Move Quick for a direct sale.
Ian came out for a look around and then he came back with Barry. We had an offer within five days.
Not only that, Move Quick increased their original offer, which made it possible to buy the house we wanted.
Move Quick just took all the pressure off us. We knew we had sold, so it allowed us to make a quick bid.
I would definitely recommend Move Quick. What do you have to lose? We were very happy and were able to move five weeks after receiving their offer.”

Heather McNaughton-Wilford, directly selling her three-bedroom cottage just outside Carluke in Lanarkshire.

“I would say Move Quick not only tried to help us – they bent over backwards to help us.
I looked into selling my house as I needed to move closer to my work. I lived in Mossblown in Ayrshire but work in Sanquhar, an hour’s drive away.
I tried a couple of companies who promise to buy your house quickly but their offers were rubbish.
Daniel came down from Move Quick and immediately grasped what we wanted to do. He showed a genuine interest in our circumstances, unlike the other firms who basically told us:”Take it or leave it.”
Move Quick’s service was amazing. I can’t thank them enough.
Even when I found a wee shortfall in my finances, the company agreed to come up with the difference. They did not have to do that and we are hugely grateful.
Now, I’m living in a house just five minutes from my work, saving two hours behind the wheel each day and making a huge saving on fuel costs.
As I said, Move Quick bent over backwards to help us. I’d happily recommend them so much, I’d tell people not to consider going anywhere else.”

Tommy Vance, directly selling his two-bed terraced house in Mossblown, Ayrshire.


"I am aged 65 now and my two mortgages run on until I’m 70.  I don’t want to work when I’m 70.
My wife and I were facing mounting bills to keep our home up to scratch.  Even if I work for another 10 years, I still would not have enough to be able to sort everything.
Daniel from MQ came along and outlined the range of options open to us; we selected the one where the company buys our house from us direct.
I told him the figure I was looking for – and MQ agreed to pay it.
This allows my wife and I to make a fresh start.  The money was enough for us to pay off both mortgages and settle a number of debt management issues.
We got the chance of a two-bed ground floor flat in a quiet part of Kinghorn.  Suits me.
Now, we’re about to move with no debt whatsoever.
Every time I phoned Daniel, he answered right away or called me back immediately.  He never left me sitting at home, wondering.
Our stress has been relieved.  We’re very happy with the MQ service."

Brian Watson, directly selling his three-bed terraced cottage in Kirkcaldy to MQ

“The flat had sat on the market for three years. Our local market in Clydebank is simply over-supplied with single bed flats and we were unable to sell it.

I was acting in the capacity of executor to my elderly aunt’s estate. Her property had been adapted slightly for her use and I’m not sure if that put people off as well.

People were just not coming to view it so I had to take the decision to seek offers from a number of house-buying companies.Basically, I received offers from three different firms and the best one was provided by Move Quick.

I was also happy with the professional way the sale was conducted. Someone came out to see it straight away and presented me with an offer much quicker than I expected. I was well pleased.”

Douglas Clark, using our fast house-buying service to sell a one bedroom flat in Clydebank.


“Move Quick’s service suited me down to a T.

We had an offer of sheltered accommodation and wanted to get rid of the house as fast as we could.

Barry came out to see me and made me an offer to buy the house, which suited us perfectly.

There was never any pressure placed on me to accept the price. I was happy with it and everything was done and dusted within a month.

I suppose if we had put the house on the open market, we might have got a bit more. But houses have been taking a while to sell down here and the thought of the expense involved was just something we didn’t want to take on board.

“I was very happy with the Move Quick service. Everything worked out fine.”

William O’Brien, directly selling a two-bedroom flat in Troon to Move Quick.


“We found ourselves in a bit of a spot, time-wise.  We had seen a property we really wanted but we would never have been able to sell our home in the time required.

We contacted Move Quick and I could not believe how quickly Barry moved to help us out; he was exceptional.

Not only did he agree to buy our house but he got a surveyor out right away.  As he knew our circumstances, he even agreed to bring forward our payment date from four weeks to three.

This allowed us to purchase the property and start a new chapter in our lives.

I felt Barry was so honest.  In fact, he came across as a proper gentleman.  I felt he took the pressure off me.

If people feel they need to sell their property quickly with an open and honest company, as far as I am concerned Move Quick is the one.”

Jeff Phillips, selling a three-bed end terraced home in Kirkliston, near Edinburgh.


“We were let down badly by one of those fast house sale companies.
They were very pleasant to start with and made us an offer for our home.  But when it came to concluding the deal, I saw they had reduced their offer by £10,000.

I told them to get lost.  Looking back, I reckon their attitude changed when I mentioned I needed the sale to go through so I could get a place where I could make improvements for my disabled daughter.

It’s sick to say it, but I think they used that information to decide I was desperate.

I decided to go with Move Quick, instead, after I had a look at their website.  The difference in the way we were treated was amazing; they spoke to us like normal people.

Somehow, after talking to Move Quick a few times, I just knew things would work out fine.

They made us an offer, we accepted, signed the papers and a few weeks later, we collected a cheque.

Now, we’re in our new home in Motherwell and the builders are coming in right away to build an extension for my daughter.

Relief is not the word!”

Tina Burns, selling a three-bedroom mid terrace villa in Blantyre, Lanarkshire.


“I am delighted we decided to go with Move Quick.  Barry was excellent – he’s the kind of person who will go the extra mile to keep you happy.

We are in our 50’s now.  We want to get on with our lives.  Sure, we could have sat here another two years in the hope of finding a buyer.

But we had a look at the Move Quick website – especially the testimonials – and thought ‘let’s go for it.’

Clearly, this was a reputable company.  The website inspired confidence and Barry was very approachable in every way.

The money we received from Move Quick allowed us to purchase a three-bedroom terraced house in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

It’s a bit run down but we’ll soon have it done up.

As I said, thanks to Move Quick we’re now getting on with our lives.”

Bill Bennett, selling an “immaculate” two-bedroom flat in Ardrossan, Ayrshire.


“Choosing Move Quick landed me with a major problem – they sold my house so fast, I’m struggling to find another place to stay!

I thought I might still be trying to sell it this time next year but they actually found a buyer in just nine days.

My house is a bit out of the way, so I thought I’d find it difficult to sell.
I started off by having a look at the Move Quick website.  I found it really easy to navigate and, looking at the testimonials, it seemed everyone was happy.

Richard came to see me.  At first, I wanted to sell the house to Move Quick but he advised me I’d get more if we put it on the market.  He was right – I got a better price that way.

If anyone was to ask me what I think of the Move Quick service I would say ‘absolutely brilliant’.
It was my dream to sell the place within three months…. but nine days was a huge bonus.  I could not believe it.”

Marlene Hay, selling a four bed detached house near Dundee.


“I recently had the opportunity to move down south.  I took one look at the state of the housing market and thought I would find it hard to sell my house in Glasgow in the current climate.

In any case, I didn’t fancy strangers trailing through my house to view it.

I had looked at a number of companies which offered to buy properties but I liked Move Quick because it only operates in Scotland.

Barry was very open and honest with me.  He explained I’d get more money if I placed it with his estate agency but I was in a bit of a rush so I agreed to sell it to Move Quick.

The figure Barry came up with was exactly what I was looking for.  Within five weeks, the deal was done.

It meant I was able to move on with my life and start afresh in Manchester.

Two days after the sale went through, I flew to Spain to celebrate my birthday – and the sale.  That meant I was able to order an extra bottle of champagne by the pool!”

Mr Getty, owner of an end terraced property in Knightswood, Glasgow.


"My mum is quite elderly and we wanted to take better care of her.  We decided to sell her house and ours and buy a place where we could all live together.

I"f it was not for Move Quick, we simply could not have met the timescale laid down by the builder.

"There were other companies promising the same thing but not one of them came through with an offer, except Move Quick.

Barry stuck to his word from start to finish, taking all the stress away from us.

"Quite simply, if it was not for Move Quick we would not be in our new house today.

"I am delighted with the service we received.  I can’t speak highly enough of Barry.

Catherine, Lanarkshire


"Barry from Move Quick was very good throughout the process, absolutely excellent.

I had been in touch with a few companies before and found them to be unprofessional.

From the minute I started with Barry, I knew I had someone who’d be there if I had anything to ask.

Move Quick delivered what they said they would, with total integrity.
I would certainly do business with them again if I needed to."

Alex, Fife


"We inherited my father's property and had it on the market for two months, when I decided to look for a company like Move Quick Properties.

"Within four and a half weeks, the house sale was complete.  This took a lot of the pressure away from us, as it looked like there was no way of selling the property otherwise."

Wendy and Stuart, Kilsyth


Thanks for a professional, efficient and friendly service.

Move Quick looked at the house sale from my perspective and never put me under any pressure whatsoever.

I would have no hesitation recommending the company to others.

Alastair Aitken, Leven, Fife.

The service we received from Move Quick was open, honest and very upfront.

We really liked the website – it gave us all the information we needed.

And everything was done to ensure the house sale was as easy and stress-free as possible. You have to give them credit for that.

Alex and Angela, Kilmarnock

I am moving because I just feel it’s time for a change. The service I received from Move Quick was simply first class.

The chap who visited me was a gentleman….and there’s not many of them left around!

He was there to answer any questions I had and took my personal circumstances into account. I have no hesitation in recommending Move Quick.

Elaine, Cumbernauld

“We sat in our house for two years, unable to sell.

“But we got in touch with Move Quick and we were delighted when got the move we wanted.

“You could not fault the service we received – it was really friendly and very professional.”

Esther & Scott McHarg, Glasgow.

“I was forced into selling when I had to move into my parents home to look after them.

“I spoke with a number of companies but Move Quick were the most professional of them all.

“The whole process was problem-free, courteous and very polite.”

Pat Mawhood, Rosyth, Fife.


“I enjoyed an excellent service throughout.  I would have no problem recommending Move Quick to anyone thinking about selling their home fast.

“Move Quick were fast, friendly and a pleasure to deal with.”

Matthew Gormley, Rutherglen.

Clients who opted for our Estate Agency to achieve a fast house sale

“We inherited a house from my mother-in-law but we didn’t have the money needed to put it on the market.

We had it up for sale for a while but nobody seemed to have the money to buy it because of the recession.

Two so-called ‘experts’ came to see it from a fast house-buying company but they never came up with anything.

When I contacted Move Quick, I thought they would buy it from me. But Barry said he could get me more if we went through his estate agency.

It was brilliant. The house sold within two to three weeks. We got more for it than we thought we would get and significantly more than the ‘experts’ had suggested.

I would recommend Move Quick to anyone. In fact. I have already told a friend who’s selling her house that she should consider only one company!”
Jackie Sloan, selling an upper villa in Edinburgh.


“We are having to move to a bungalow because I can’t manage the stairs in my house any more.

I read about Barry’s story in the Sunday Mail and he sounded like a genuine guy, someone you could trust.

Things really worked out great. Our house sold in a day. I guess you always want more for your house but with the way things are in the market just now, we were quite happy with the price.

Getting a quick sale meant that we were able to get a good deal on the bungalow we wanted – so it all balanced out in the end.

Move Quick staff were friendly and very efficient. It didn’t matter who you spoke to in the office, they always did everything they could to help you.”

Mrs Gina Ferguson, former owner of a villa in Musselburgh, East Lothian.


“I had been in touch with another company, who had promised to sell my home in between six and eight weeks.

But they stopped taking my calls or answering my messages.
I decided to go with Move Quick because it was a Scottish company, which was important to me.

I wish I had picked them in the first place. The service I received was fantastic. Lesley spoke to me on the phone and made me confident right away.

“I spoke to her on the Monday and the flat was on the market by Wednesday. My first viewer came on Thursday evening and I had an acceptable offer on the Friday.
It was unreal.”

Steven Wilson, selling a cottage flat in Renfrew.


Jacqueline McLintock was trying to sell her country cottage, a former bakery. Sadly, her previous estate agent failed to rise to the occasion.
Despite its attractive location, Bridgend Cottage sat for two years on the market until, that is, Move Quick became involved.

Said Jacqueline:”Stuart came to see me on the Wednesday. It went online on the Friday and by the following Friday, it sold at a closing date.

“I could not believe it. We even got more for our house than the value in the Home Report.”

Asked what she thought of the Move Quick service, Jacqueline replied:”Brilliant. I would recommend them to anyone.

“When I pass a house that’s got a For Sale board outside, I want to go in and tell them not to waste their time – get Move Quick involved!”

Jacqueline and her family are now settling into their new home, built on three levels in Kinross in Perthshire.

As for Move Quick, having sold her former bakery, we’ve now got the recipe for success!

Jacqueline McLintock, former cottage owner near Kinross, Perthshire.


“I lost my job in January and although I kept applying for things, there’s very little out there.

I did manage to get something else but it means moving to the Indian Ocean! The big selling point in Move Quick’s favour was the fact that they deferred payment for me. It was great that there were no up-front fees to pay.

And the staff were fantastic in helping me out. The first viewer through the door made an offer – and I accepted it straight away.
I took the view that I had made a tidy profit on the house and there was no point in being greedy.

I know this area and I know houses are going up for sale and people are hanging on for more money.

But I’m off to the Indian Ocean and see no point in holding out for more cash. It means I have a clean slate for a new start.
Move Quick’s staff? They were friendly, co-operative and informative. Just what I needed."

Douglas Wilkie, former owner of a two-bedroom flat in South Queensferry.


“Our two-bedroom flat was on the market with another agency two years ago and it didn’t budge.

We put it up for sale with Move Quick on the Thursday….and it was sold on the Tuesday.

I had heard the Move Quick advert on the radio and thought I’d check out the website.

I liked how one of the people who had sold their house said Move Quick “did what it says on the tin.”

I am totally delighted. We had a lot of trouble with our former agency and never felt they had our interests at heart. Barry convinced us that if we approached the sale realistically, it would go in our favour. The fact that fees were deferred was another plus.
Around the time of the sale, my wife was having a baby. Yes, we’ve got sleepless nights now…..but not because of the house.

John McKinlay, Merrylee, Glasgow.


“We had been trying to sell our house for ages – it was on the books of one local estate agent for a whole two years. It was a big property – 18 rooms in total – and because we live near the sea, it took quite a bit to maintain.

We took it off the market for about a year before deciding to give Move Quick a chance. The house was sold within weeks. Not just that, they were able to negotiate an offer in excess of the asking price.

This will make things easier when we go to buy another house.
I am delighted with the service I got from Move Quick. Knowing that the property had sold came as a huge relief.”

Colin McNaught, former owner of a detached villa in Fairlie, North Ayrshire


“The cottage I was selling in Dunfermline was pretty unique, a combination of two old farm cottages going back about 160 years.
I was worried a lot of people might not want the maintenance involved in an old house, particularly with the level of new homes being built nearby.

But Richard from Move Quick came out and liked what he saw. At first, I wanted to sell it directly to Move Quick but Richard suggested I’d get more if I went through their bespoke estate agency.

I couldn’t believe the number of viewers we attracted very quickly – 12 in the first three days.

Every time someone came to see the house, Lesley was on the phone to give me feedback.

In the end, the cottage attracted a lot of interest and was sold at a closing date. It was just a month after it had gone on the market and I was delighted with the figure I got for it.

Move Quick’s service was excellent and I would describe myself as very happy with the way things went.”

John Paterson, Chattan Cottage, Dunfermline, Fife.


I had to sell my house quickly. Talking to Move Quick, I felt a big weight being lifted from my shoulders. The night after I signed up with them was the first night’s sleep I’d had in weeks.

Barry was thoroughly professional and put me at my ease. He told me he would sell my house quickly and he was true to his word.

The house went on the market on the Friday afternoon – and it was sold by 5pm on Monday! I also managed to get my target price, just the right figure to clear my feet and pay my legal fees.

I could not put into words what I feel about this company. They were the perfect partner for me and they’ve provided me with complete peace of mind.

Billy Shearer, Alloa.


“Only a few homes in our town have sold for the Home Report valuation – and ours was one of them. There were just 18 days between putting the house on the market and the sale being agreed.

I can’t believe how smoothly things went. Stuart was brilliant – anything I needed to know I would just call him up and he’d explain it.

Another estate agent had suggested we go for £10,000 more than Move Quick but we knew that we would never get that.
We had bought at the top of the market so we thought we might take a bit of a loss by selling it.

But, in the end, we got what we were looking for. I would recommend Move Quick – without a doubt!”

Lorraine Bostock, selling a three-bedroom home in Armadale, West Lothian.


“I did not believe Richard when he said he could sell my house in a week. I inherited the property from my father, who had passed away. The house was needing a lot of work done; in fact, it needed gutted.
To be honest, I thought it would be on the market for months and we’d have to keep it heated over the Winter.

But the house went on the market on the Thursday – and it sold at a closing day the following Friday! I was so impressed. It has come as a huge relief. All my friends could not believe it had sold so quickly.
I am a very happy bunny.”

Lesley Tod, selling her late father’s semi-detached house in Dundee.


“Getting near to Christmas, I thought I might struggle to sell my house. I suppose I was resigned to waiting until the New Year or even longer before finding a buyer.

But it was only on the market with Move Quick 10 days before I received an offer. We are moving to Dunfermline because the house is too big for us, now that the family have moved away.

The Move Quick service was really good. A couple came on the Saturday, another viewer came on the Tuesday and by Friday, we had our offer. “It was no bother at all.”

Allan Sinclair, selling his four-bedroom home in Edinburgh.


“I had a dreadful experience with a fast house-selling business.
The first time they came to see me, they offered a ridiculous amount for my property. I said ‘no’.

Without contacting them again, they came back a month later and offered a better deal and I said ‘fine’. They told me my house was sold and when I asked if it was safe for me to offer for another property, they told me “Go for it!”

I was given a moving date of June 8 but could not get hold of this company on the phone. When I did get them, they denied things had gone that far – and told me the woman buying my home couldn’t get a mortgage. I nearly died.

My mum loaned me the money, which allowed me to move. I called Move Quick in a right state. In a matter of weeks, Move Quick had found a buyer for my place. The contrast to the way the other company did business was immense. As soon as Barry and his colleague came out to see me, I knew I was dealing with an entirely different business – they were so smart!

The relief was enormous. I had been worried about my mum lending me the money and not being able to repay it. And after the ‘offer’ the other company made me, Move Quick got me significantly more.
They were absolutely brilliant. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

Karen, selling a two bedroom flat in Glasgow.


“We inherited a house from my mother-in-law but we didn’t have the money needed to put it on the market. We had it up for sale for a while but nobody seemed to have the money to buy it because of the recession.

Two so-called ‘experts’ came to see it from a fast house-buying company but they never came up with anything.

When I contacted Move Quick, I thought they would buy it from me. But Barry said he could get me more if we went through his estate agency.

It was brilliant. The house sold within two to three weeks. We got more for it than we thought we would get and significantly more than the ‘experts’ had suggested.

I would recommend Move Quick to anyone. In fact. I have already told a friend who’s selling her house that she should consider only one company!”

Jackie Sloan, selling an upper villa in Edinburgh.


“There’s only one word to describe the way we felt when our house went on the market – inundated.

At one point, we had five couples – and their bairns – viewing the house. You would think there was a party going on!

The inquiries began within hours of Move Quick taking on the job. I had a bad experience with another company so really didn’t expect things to happen so quickly.

The house went on the market on the Thursday and it sold at a closing date the following Wednesday – less than a week.
I was delighted with the service I got. Richard came to see us – he was smart and sophisticated.

Everything he told us came true….especially the bit about it not being on the market for long.”

Neil MacDonald, selling a four-bedroom house in Dunfermline, Fife.











"I have no hesitation in recommending Move Quick."

Elaine Cruickshank